Is there a wall in your home that’s looking a little bare? Have you freshly redecorated and you’ve been left with a bit of a gap in the décor and you’re just not sure what to put there? If you’re looking for something that’s unique to you, one of a kind and absolutely irreplaceable, you’ll definitely want to pick up some incredible fused glass wall art from The House of Ugly Fish. We specialise in creating bespoke fused glass art that’s unlike anything else you’re likely to see hanging in a million other people’s homes, so it’s perfect for those of us that like to stand out and really personalise their home.

You can have as much creative input in your fused glass art as you’d like, as our very own artist Lisa is more than willing to incorporate all of the colours, patterns and images that you’d like to go into the final design. When all is said and done, you’re guaranteed to be left with something that absolutely no-one else will have on their wall!

We’re more than able to manufacture fused glass art panels to fit any size, working closely with you to ensure that we deliver something that’s a perfect fit in your home no matter how awkward you think it might be. Holes can be cut to make way for fuse boxes, switches and plug sockets, and we can work to precise measurements if needed. No matter what your wall space might look like, there’s guaranteed to be a fused glass art piece that’s ideal for the job just waiting to be discovered or created here at The House of Ugly Fish.

We’re always looking to create you the very best fused glass art possible, so what’s stopping you from having a look through our full portfolio or getting your hands on your very own bespoke design? Whether you’re looking for a grand wall panel, a splashback or something smaller like a fruit bowl, just make sure you get in contact as soon as you can, and we’ll take care of the rest!