The image above is a photograph of a fused glass wall art installation that found a home in Loughton, Essex. Featuring six of our sculptured wave designs arranged side by side to create one grand picture, it was definitely a rewarding experience to bring it all to life.

It sits on a wall in the dining room, stunning all who happen across it while simultaneously taking the otherwise neutral décor of the room to the next level. As you can see, the glass of each piece has been slumped and sculptured so that it looks like a three dimensional wave, as well as featuring waves in the design. We think it makes for the perfect complement for the room, especially because it injects a huge amount of vivid colour while serving as a unique decoration in its own right. There’s definitely no better way to fill empty space on a wall.

We hope you agree! Your very own fused glass wall art doesn’t have to look like this installation, however, as there are endless ways to bring fused glass to your home in a bespoke, uniquely personalised way. You can let us know all about what your ideal glass looks like, send us colour samples from the décor of the room you’re looking to match, or even ask Lisa to come up with an original design perfect for your home. It’s entirely up to you – and that’s just scratching the surface!

If our fused glass wall art is just the right thing for your home, then what’s keeping you? We here at The House of Ugly Fish absolutely love creating bespoke pieces in all shapes and sizes, and we’re always waiting to see what we get to make next. You can get in contact with a simple phone call or by dropping us an email, so make sure you do that as soon as you can! Our team will always be on hand to answer any questions or queries you might have.