We love Scotland here at The House of Ugly Fish, and it’s not only because so many of the orders we get have us delivering there! There’s always something to see or another unique experience on offer, especially when we arrive at a customer’s home to find stunning sights like the one pictured below. That particular snap was taken while fitting a particularly large scale piece of glass, however, so we thought we’d talk a little bit about how fused glass art can work when you decide to size things up a bit.

How’s this for a room with a view? This gorgeous house in Scotland looks out over the Moray Firth, towards Inverness.

We’re not just specialists when it comes to smaller pieces, after all. Although there’s a lot you can do with a set of coasters for drinks, or other medium sized pieces such as glass bowls, fused glass art is something that really shines when it’s utilised to create something grand.

Though as our resident glass artist can testify, working on a large piece can be a real undertaking, and it’s not always simple or easy to make sure every part looks as great as it can. It’s definitely worth it, however – something that all of our customers agree with once they see the end result!

We have a tremendous amount of experience creating large pieces, but we’re equally capable of delivering them to your doorstep and getting them safely installed to the highest standards. You can always expect nothing but the best when it comes to both our glass pieces and our service, so don’t wait to get your hands on your very own bespoke fused glass art today. The bigger, the better!

If you have the perfect idea for a larger piece of bespoke fused glass art, or you’re looking to go big with an existing design from our portfolio, make sure you don’t hesitate to let us know all about it! We’re more than happy to discuss the piece with you and work out exactly how you’d like it to turn out, as well as details regarding size and dimensions that will help put the glass where it needs to go. You can find our contact details here on our website.