Truly Bespoke Wall Art

This particularly striking bespoke wall art was created for a client of ours in Shaftsbury Avenue. If you’re thinking that this is a little different to what we usually have to show off, you’d be right!
The design was created according the customer’s specifications, taking full advantage of the [...]

A Splashback With A View!

This is an image of a piece of fused glass art that we created very recently, so it should come as no surprise that we’re keen to show it off! It’s a stunning splashback made with a very specific image in mind…
All of the glass we create can [...]

Another Tree of Life Finds a Home

This incredible splashback was created for a customer of ours in Grampound, Cornwall. It’s an absolutely stunning example of a Tree of Life, which regular readers of our blog are sure to be very familiar with at this point, but it’s also the perfect piece to showcase how our [...]

Much More Than Coloured Glass Splashbacks!

Created for a customer of ours in Plymouth, Devon, this beautiful and extravagantly colourful splashback is a fantastic example of how colourful our fused glass can be. This piece helps blend in with the lights and the other items making up the kitchen decorations, and it solidly ties everything [...]

Ferrying Fantastic Fused Glass Art

This client’s house in Broughty Ferry features two panels of our bespoke wall art! Using creams, blacks and other neutral colours to create a beautiful and bold effect, each panel is perfectly suited to the room that it has been put in. One of the panels, pictured above, has [...]

A Very Dashing Dalaman Design

This incredible splashback showcases the very best of what a Dalaman design has to offer, utilising subtle colours and metallic accents to create something very special. It was created for Earle & Ginger, a kitchen company located in Stockton Heath, Cheshire who wouldn’t settle for anything less than the [...]

A Bright Splash of Colour

This piece is a prime example of our alternatives to traditional options such as coloured glass splashbacks. Featuring a gorgeously fluid flow design created with a vibrant palette of yellows, greens, blues, reds and purples, this splashback is a particularly beautiful example of what our fused glass art can [...]

A Dramatic Sunset Scene

Created for a customer of ours in Berkhamstead, this beautiful and rather grand piece definitely catches all the right kind of attention. It was based on a painting that the customer had fallen in love with at Berkeley Gallery, situated in the centre of the town they lived in.

A Very Sentimental Tree of Life

Passing through Norwich is always a pleasure, especially when we’re there to fit a piece of fused glass art and see the smiles on the faces of a couple of clients. We’ve done a lot of work that’s ended up there, and so when we were looking through our [...]

Trees of Green

Created for a client of ours in Tring, Hertfordshire, this gorgeous green Tree of Life splashback is yet another example of just how great our fused glass art can look when made bespoke for a kitchen. Just take a look at how the glass adapts to its surroundings. With [...]