Flow Like Fused Glass Art

There’s no mistaking this piece for a simple coloured glass splashback! Take a look at how the colours mix together, and you should have a good idea about why we decided to feature this beautiful fused glass panel for today’s blog post! Created for a client of ours in [...]

Lots of Life in a Lavender Tree

Have a look at this piece that we’ve pulled out from the vaults! This job was a little while ago, but we just couldn’t resist showing you the fused glass art splashback that came out of it – and can you blame us? This absolutely stunning Tree of Life [...]

Bring Nature Inside Your Kitchen!

Now, we remember this job very well! This client came to us looking for some art for their home in Hertford, so naturally, they came to us full of great ideas and a whole variety of inspirations. We were more than happy to show them the endless possibilities of [...]

The Only Way Is Fused Glass Art

A little while ago, these gorgeous fused glass art pieces went to a home in Ingatestone, Essex. It was a lovely property, a home with a great garden, and an all around pleasure to have the chance to decorate. As you can see from the images, the house already [...]

A Heart for the Home

They say the kitchen should be the heart of the home, so it only makes sense to ensure that yours looks as great as possible. It’s where food is made for the whole family, after all, and a kitchen that’s been decorated well can be a great place for [...]

A Bespoke Classic

Take a look at this piece! For fans of our classic fused glass art designs, this one is definitely a treat. It’s a snowy white dalaman design that features a very colourful spine, which helps to bring vividness to the room and brighten up a piece that otherwise wouldn’t [...]

Light and Glass Make for a Perfect Combination

Fused glass art is the gift that keeps on giving. Even for experts like the team here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re still finding things about the medium that surprise and amaze us in equal measure. We’ve heard from many customers that it’s the same for them, [...]

Let Our Glass Make a Splash in Your Home

Our bespoke glass splashbacks are instant classics, and they’re probably the biggest sellers here at The House of Ugly Fish. If you’re looking to put one of our gorgeous designs in your own home, don’t wait to take a look over our portfolio and see just what our fused [...]

A Perfect Pair of Panels

Coming from a client’s house in Kent, these two beautiful fused glass art panels make a great pair, don’t you think? Sat behind the cooker and sink respectively, they make full use of subtle but distinctive green hues against the otherwise neutral white of the kitchen in order to [...]

Cracking Colour on a Wonderful Wave

The story behind this particular piece of glass is a pretty straightforward one, but the piece itself is anything but simple. The design, as you can see, is perfect when utilised in fused glass art for the wall. It’s our classic flow design, of course, with a huge palette [...]