A Skyline in a Splashback

Ordered by one of our clients who owned a bed and breakfast, creating this piece of fused glass art was definitely a rewarding experience. When we saw the end result finalised and fused coming out of our kiln, we were over the moon! The fully bespoke design is one [...]

Seaside, Sunset and a Splashback

This gorgeous and completely bespoke fused glass kitchen splashback was created for a client in Lyme Regis, Dorset. It features a splendid and highly diverse palette of colours, including serene blues for the sky and water, and warm orange accents that create a beautiful horizon. If you look closely, [...]

Two Collies, Two Splashbacks

Featuring two distinct splashbacks as part of an installation, this gorgeous kitchen in Gerards Cross, Buckinghamshire is a gorgeous work that we did some time ago. It’s not aged a day, however, and still looks incredibly sharp even now. We’ll walk you through the design of both pieces, and [...]

A Scottish Triptych From The Past

This panel was created for one of our clients in Ayr, Scotland. It was made as a triptych to be used as wall art, and even now it definitely stands out as one of our most visually exciting bespoke fused glass art designs to date.
With reds, greens, blues [...]

Unusual, But Beautiful!

Here’s one from the vaults! This splashback was created for a client in Sandbach, and it’s definitely every bit as expressive as it is beautiful. It’s a pretty different take on our usual Tree of Life design, as the client was more than happy to utilise the bespoke nature [...]

A House Full of Glass

This gorgeous house belongs to a client in Barnt Green, Birmingham, and it should only take one look for you to realise that they just love modern styling. It was a little while ago that we did this particular job, but looking back on it we just had to [...]

Hot and Cold

We owe this particular feature to the client who ordered it in Saltcoats, Ayrshire. While a picture is worth more than a thousand words, we thought we’d take the chance to add just a few more on top of that. After all, this is one of our favourite bespoke [...]

Fused Glass From the Ground Up!

This beautiful example of a bespoke kitchen splashback found a home in Grassington, and was created for clients who had built their house from the bottom up by themselves. We were very excited to have the chance to work on it, and contribute to what turned out to be [...]

Fondly Looking Back on a Flowery Piece

This beautiful fused glass art was created for a client in Cemlyn Bay, in turn located in Anglesey, North Wales. That’s where the piece still sits to this day, and although this may be a job from a little while ago, the glass looks every bit as stunning as [...]

One Wonderful Wave

Created for a customer of ours in Barnet, London, this bespoke wall art is a gorgeous example of how our work demands attention no matter where you put it – especially when the colours involved are as vivid as this! As you may be able to tell from the [...]