Smaller, But No Less Stunning!

We have a huge number of clients and customers coming to have a look at our bespoke fused glass art week in and week out. Although it’s often the case that they want to go all in and splash out on a grand piece of fused glass art, not [...]

Fused Glass Art or Coloured Glass Splashbacks?

Have a look at this gorgeous piece of glass, featuring our Tree of Life design. It’s quite stunning, isn’t it? At the very least, it definitely draws your attention and complements its surroundings perfectly. That’s what fused glass art is best at doing, of course, and it’s why we [...]

A Very Scenic Splashback

Here’s another splashback from the vaults! As you see above, this particular bespoke fused glass kitchen splashback looked fantastic when it found a home in the customer’s house. The property was in Knaresborough, Yorkshire, which is an area we’re always happy to deliver to. It’s a lovely place, after [...]

Fused Glass Art is a Versatile Art Form

One of the greatest things about fused glass art is its versatility. You can choose to have a piece of glass for the wall, either from our selection on our website or a bespoke one commissioned by you. You can create a wonderful window or door fused glass pane [...]

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