A Triple Treat for Thursday

Now here’s a beautiful room if we ever saw one, located in a home in Heckington, Lincolnshire. We recently finished up creating and delivering these three pieces of bespoke fused glass wall art, and naturally, we couldn’t wait to show off the end result. You may immediately notice that [...]

Kitchen Lighthouse

The story behind this lovely bespoke glass splashback is definitely one for the blog! The client was looking for a splashback for their kitchen in North Devon, but they used to live in the Maldives. Understandably, not wanting to leave the gorgeous sights behind, they decided to bring home [...]

Throwback to Twickenham

Here’s a job from a little while ago, and it’s a suitably lovely looking glass installation to close the week off in style! Twickenham is a town that has a lot to be proud of, and anyone visiting can expect to find lots of large mansions full of history [...]

An Explosion of Colour

Here’s a fairly recent pick from our portfolio, delivered to a lovely property in Ickenham, London. It stands out even now due to a very inspired, unique design put forward by the client, which was a pleasure to make and an even greater pleasure to see put in place. [...]

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Showing Some Love for London

Hello once again from The House of Ugly Fish! We’re showing some love for London in today’s blog post, with a retrospective look at one of the best bespoke glass splashbacks we created a little while ago. Much like the glass itself, however, the beauty hasn’t faded one bit [...]