Mugs to Marvel At

Although we may be called The House of Ugly Fish, we can promise you that the artwork we create is anything but ugly! You only have to look at our printed mug designs to see proof of that.

We originally created our range of printed mug designs when we realised [...]

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Our Magnificent Mugs

Previous readers of our blog or visitors to our website will no doubt have seen the incredible variety of fused glass art we have to offer, with all kinds of designs, colours, shapes, sizes and more found all throughout our portfolio. The creative science behind fused glass art is [...]

Make the Most of Your Mugs

And by that title we mean to say, why settle for a plain old mug when you could get something that’s a real feast for the eyes?
We may be called The House of Ugly Fish, a name that we’ll always get questions about, but our mugs are anything [...]

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