Behind the Scenes

We don’t often lift the curtains on the work that goes on behind the scenes, but the six panels Lisa created for the Swansea Christmas procession provided the perfect opportunity for a little bit of extra documentation. Naturally, since we had the pictures on hand, we wanted to show [...]

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Portrait Artist of the Year

We recently enjoyed watching Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year, a fantastic program which recently finished showing. For those reading who might not have heard of it, it’s a a television competition that every year aims to find the most talented artist, and this year the style was [...]

Kitchen Splashbacks, Bespoke or Coloured?

Even if you’ve never heard of The House of the Ugly Fish or visited our website before, you’ll probably already know about kitchen splashbacks. Over the past few years, they’ve been something of a revolution in the way we think about decorating our kitchens, getting rid of the old [...]

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Branching Out A Bit

Here’s a brand new piece for you avid readers! It’s one of our signature bespoke glass splashbacks with a unique twist, and there was no way we weren’t going to show it off. Take a look at the image above, and we think you’ll understand!
The design is a [...]

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Trees of Blue, Glass Splashbacks Too

Created for a client in Totnes, Devon, this is a gorgeous example of a Tree of Life in its natural habitat. We thought we’d kick off the week with something classic, yet exciting, and something which is definitely worthy of a feature. This grand panel, a wide and open [...]

A Very Sentimental Tree of Life

Passing through Norwich is always a pleasure, especially when we’re there to fit a piece of fused glass art and see the smiles on the faces of a couple of clients. We’ve done a lot of work that’s ended up there, and so when we were looking through our [...]