A Splash of Colour

Fused glass splashbacks and coloured glass splashbacks are often mixed up for one another, and it’s an easy mistake to make if you’re unfamiliar with the key differences. Today, we thought we’d outline just a few things that set the two apart!
One of the biggest differences comes down [...]

Welcoming Guests Warmly with Glass

Created for one of our clients in Dukinfield, this stunning fused glass art panel was created to dress up an area in the kitchen that was looking a little bare. As the image above shows, the piece that we delivered was definitely a beautiful one. The design incorporates burning [...]

Create a Strong Theme in Your Kitchen

This modern long kitchen is another prime example of fused glass art being utilised to create a strong theme. In this case, we really think that the unique qualities of the glass shine through and couldn’t be replicated by anything else.
The design of the pieces were created with [...]

A Hint of Klimt in Fused Glass Art

Regarding the splashback, there’s a lot we could say. If you can’t tell already simply by looking at the piece, the client was a huge lover of Gustav Klimt’s work. He wanted one of our bespoke glass splashbacks done in his style, needless to say, but it was just [...]

A Seaside Splashback on the Horizon

Here’s another piece from our portfolio that we’d thought we’d pull up and say a little bit about. It’s definitely a favourite of all the bespoke glass splashbacks we’ve created, and looking at it now we’re very pleased with how it turned out. So, what’s the story behind this [...]

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