The Beach and Bay

Every time the start of the exhibition season rolls around, and we once again find ourselves on the road at shows up and down the country, Lisa always creates a piece or two to feature on the stand. This year, one of the big glass wall art features is [...]

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Wall Waves

Here’s the latest fused glass wall art from The House of Ugly Fish, delivered to a lovely home in Felixstowe, Suffolk. It’s created from a warmer earth-coloured palette, combined with a healthy dose of contrast. Bold black lines and bright grey sections complete the look nicely, and the whole [...]

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Seeing as our annual sale continues until the end of the year, we thought we’d shine a brief spotlight on the kind of things you can expect to see right here in our sale section. From seconds and off-cuts all the way to stunning pieces that we’ve taken on [...]

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Fusing Modern Methods with Traditional Style

Today, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on something that often goes a little underappreciated when it comes to making art in glass, and that’s the possibility of creating traditional styles on glass instead of a canvas. Have a look at the two pieces you can see pictured in [...]

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A Well-Lit Wave

Now here’s a very interesting piece that we recently created for a customer in Wimborne, Dorset. This piece is a fantastic example of how our fused glass art interacts with light, which is one of the things we love most about the glass we work with. There are many [...]

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