Splashing Back to Scotland

Scotland is well known for having many beautiful sights, and a very scenic and peaceful countryside. It’s easily one of our favourite places to deliver glass splashbacks to, as every trip up ends up being an enjoyable experience. Whenever we go, we can’t resist taking at least a day [...]

Kitchen Splashbacks, Bespoke or Coloured?

Even if you’ve never heard of The House of the Ugly Fish or visited our website before, you’ll probably already know about kitchen splashbacks. Over the past few years, they’ve been something of a revolution in the way we think about decorating our kitchens, getting rid of the old [...]

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Working in Three Dimensions

Fused glass is made up of layers which fuse together, hence the name! You can find evidence of that in the way that the glass has depths, and that different elements of a design will sit above another depending on which way you look at it, but it can [...]

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A Piece From Pilling

Here’s a work of ours that found a home in Pilling, Lancashire. It’s a lush glass wall art piece that definitely deserves a blog post all about it! As you can see pictured above, the design centres around a gorgeous, deep blue sea brought to life by an equally [...]

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Picture Perfect and Personalised

Another one from the vaults! This splashback was created for one of our clients in Nantwich, Cheshire. It features a gorgeously green tree of life design, with a softly shaded background that adds a huge amount of depth to the piece. The leaves hanging from each branch are made [...]

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Writing on the Wall

Here’s a recent addition to a home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. It’s bespoke fused glass art at its best, looking every bit as good as the scenic location that we delivered it to. As you might expect, we’re very keen to show it off here on our blog!
The design [...]

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