Fused Glass Fish

Finding a home in Saint Clement, Jersey, this gorgeously detailed home glass splashback went to an equally beautiful kitchen to become a striking centrepiece. We love the way it looked in situ so much that we had to share it here! The glass depicts a school of mackerel all [...]

A Treat for Taunton

This beautiful bespoke fused glass art splashback found a home in Taunton, Somerset. You may recognise the design as a twist on our classic Dalaman style, although we guarantee you won’t have ever seen a piece that looks quite like this one. It all begins with the background, of [...]

At Home in Hampshire

This lovely piece of glass was created for an equally lovely home in Alton, Hampshire, where it found a place behind the cooker in the kitchen. It’s one of our bespoke kitchen splashbacks, needless to say, with our very recognisable Tree of Life design sitting front and centre – [...]

Not Just Coloured Splashbacks

Fewer things are mixed up more often than fused glass splashbacks and their more plain counterparts, coloured splashbacks. Honestly, it’s not too difficult of a mistake to make if you’re unfamiliar with the key differences. This blog aims to outline just a few of those differences and what sets [...]

One More Tree in Haywards Heath

The beautiful fused glass art splashback you see pictured above found a home when it was delivered to a house in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The couple that ordered the glass were very keen to personalise the piece and truly make it their own, so there’s absolutely nothing standard [...]

A Rocky Refurnishing

Today’s blog comes from a beautifully restored and deftly converted old dairy shed, now a jaw-dropping property in Glastonbury, Somerset. It features a hand crafted oak kitchen with two brand new bespoke glass splashbacks, both of which have a lot of thought put into them!
Speaking of thought, what [...]

Bursting With Style

One more completed piece of glass, and one more happy customer! Today’s blog features an exciting fused glass art which very recently found a home in East Grinstead, Sussex. It’s one of our bespoke glass splashbacks, of course, proudly displaying a flower burst design made to perfectly match the [...]

For the Kitchen

Is there an empty space behind the cooker that’s just dying to be decorated? Is the back of your kitchen looking just a little bit too bare as it is right now? If either of those questions apply to you, then you’re certainly in the right place. We here [...]

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Splashing Back to Back

Every month, our fused glass art proves to be a highly sought after commodity, with customers from far and wide walking away with beautiful glass splashbacks, wall panels, bowls and more. If we had to pick out the biggest seller, however, it’d definitely have to be the kitchen splashbacks! [...]

A Talk About Trees

One of the most popular designs that we make is the classic Tree of Life design. It features on everything from bespoke glass splashbacks all the way to the most grand wall panels and triptychs, so it only makes sense that we’d blog about it, right?
In a Tree [...]

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