Looking in on Longford

This beautiful fused glass art found a home in Longford, Gloucestershire. The glass in this case is comprised of two double-glazed fused glass windows on either side of a door, making for a stunningly beautiful entryway. Although the majority of the glass is translucent and clear, the two panels [...]

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An Eye-Catching Entrance

This glass panel was delivered to a house in Foss, Pitlochry. Obviously, the customers were looking to be original when it came to their home, not following any trends but perhaps setting a new one with this remarkably eye catching entrance. It was an absolutely gorgeous home and we [...]

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A Decorated Doorway

Today’s blog features this stunning bespoke glass door art from a home in Lymm, Cheshire. It’s a beautifully layered mix of colours, making full use of a compact space to achieve maximum effect, so we thought it deserved a proper mention. Take a look closer if you like, as [...]

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Light, Glass and Beautiful Windows

For today’s blog, we’re once again shining light onto an often overlooked area of our portfolio. Funnily enough, the glass we’re talking about is perfect for shining light into a room, as well! We are, of course, talking about our fused glass art windows.
Fused glass art windows make [...]

Bespoke windows from The House of Ugly Fish

Picture the scene, you’re having dinner in your lovely dining room, it’s still summer so the sun is still shining and you’ve just enjoyed a scrumptious sit down meal with your other half, maybe a nice coq au vin, some dauphinoise potatoes and a yummy cheesecake for afters? You’re [...]