Proud as a Peacock

For today’s blog, we’ve got a rather picturesque pair that we’re rather proud of! These two bespoke glass splashbacks found a home in Water End, Hertfordshire – don’t they make for a jaw dropping sight? We thought we’d talk you through a few of the details and the inspiration [...]

Coloured vs Fused

When comparing bespoke glass splashbacks with more traditional coloured glass splashbacks, what stands out most for us is the level of detail. As you may have seen before, most coloured glass panels consist of only a single colour or shade applied to the glass in a smooth and even [...]

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Time to Make a Splash

Bespoke glass splashbacks are definitely the biggest sellers here at The House of Ugly Fish, and they’re definitely not going out of style any time soon. Sounds like the time to look into it, right? Well, just before you do that, why not let us tell you why our [...]