Hello From Harrogate

Here’s a very recent piece for the blog. This particularly striking fused glass art found a brand new home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and it’s a project that we’re excited to show off.
The design features cascading layers of colour that seamlessly transition from panel to panel, creating an [...]

Branching Out Again

This latest piece of handmade fused glass art comes from a beautiful home in the equally scenic village of Stoke Gifford, Bristol. The design is a take on our classic Tree of Life, of course, but with plenty of changes and customisations that make full use of our completely [...]

A Scene in a Splashback

Stepping into the spotlight for today, this stunning and very unique bespoke kitchen splashback was a recent creation for a home in Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire. It’s a piece that does things a little differently, putting a one-of-a-kind spin on the Tree of Life design that should be very familiar [...]

A Place Behind the Cooker

We here at The House of Ugly Fish are certainly experts when it comes to making handmade kitchen splashbacks for the home, helping to bring life into any space. If you think that the area behind your kitchen cooker looks a bit bare, or there’s a spot on the [...]

Delightful Dalaman Design

One of our most popular fused glass art designs is our classic Dalaman, which every month finds its way to many of the bespoke fused glass kitchen splashbacks that we create for customers nationwide. It’s always changing, with no two pieces ever looking quite the same, but the core [...]

Fused Glass Dalaman in Cheshire

This gorgeous stone splashback recently found a home in Bowden, Cheshire. Featuring a creative take on our classic Dalaman design, this splashback really does show off the best things about our glass and the incredible things that it can do to completely transform a kitchen – or any room [...]

Colourful Flames for the Home

As featured in a beautiful home in Hightown, Hampshire, this particular fused glass art kitchen splashback is one that demands attention in all the right ways. The design is definitely a bold one, with bright hues of all kinds working together to create a vibrant sight. Streaks of colour [...]

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A Very Wavy Welcome

Here’s another one for the blog, once again continuing on the theme of glass splashbacks. Our service is one that’s completely bespoke and tailored to match what you’re looking for, of course, so the client was more than able to have a huge amount of creative input when it [...]

Made in Manchester

If you’re reading from our very own city of Manchester, then this particular piece should catch your eye immediately. It’s a recent installation in the area where The Haçienda nightclub stood, and the apartments in which this client put some gorgeous fused glass art pieces are now looking brand [...]

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Making that first decision

A blank canvas is often the most daunting thing for an artist. The look of a plain white background can strike fear into any creative person’s heart and it’s not just artists either; for example, an untouched piece of paper or blinking cursor on a white screen can cause [...]