Fused Glass Art in Prestbury

Here’s a piece of fused glass art from Prestbury, Cheshire that really deserves the spotlight. We created and delivered it only a little while ago, but it’s remained fresh in our minds as a lovely and truly memorable piece of art. Our glass doesn’t lose its shine, so it’s [...]

Double Waves in Dunscroft

Have a look at this rather fetching kitchen, found in a home in Dunscroft, Doncaster. We recently delivered fused glass art there, bringing two pieces in total to completely transform the entire space. We love the modern styling of the room, with extremely clean lines and a very neutral [...]

Make a Splash in Your Home Today

Bespoke glass splashbacks are probably the biggest sellers here at The House of Ugly Fish, and they’re definitely not going to go out of style any time soon. If you’re looking to put one of our incredible designs in your own home, make sure you don’t wait to take [...]

Life of the Kitchen

This incredible bespoke kitchen splashback is a very recent work of ours that found itself at home behind a cooker in Maidenhead, Kent. It’s a beautiful variation on our Tree of Life, of course, and it’s a particularly vibrant example. The piece definitely puts the life into the kitchen, [...]

Fused Glass Dalaman in Cheshire

This gorgeous stone splashback recently found a home in Bowden, Cheshire. Featuring a creative take on our classic Dalaman design, this splashback really does show off the best things about our glass and the incredible things that it can do to completely transform a kitchen – or any room [...]

Waving You Into a Very Welcoming Kitchen

This fused glass art was delivered to Romford, Essex, where it soon found a home inside of a gorgeously sleek kitchen. As you may be able to tell from the image above, the room was styled in a very modern way, with clean lines and strong contrast to be [...]

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A Very Dynamic Decoration

Here’s a recent work of ours that definitely deserves the spotlight. This very exciting fused glass art was created for a client of ours in Spey Bay, Scotland. As you may be able to tell, it’s not just a design that’s contained on a single panel, but rather a [...]

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Bubbling Up

We often get asked about the bubbles that appear in our fused glass art, popping up around details and scattering across the surface. Are they meant to be there? Do they happen in the kiln intentionally, or are they a fault in the process? Well, bubbles form naturally as [...]

Flow Like Fused Glass Art

There’s no mistaking this piece for a simple coloured glass splashback! Take a look at how the colours mix together, and you should have a good idea about why we decided to feature this beautiful fused glass panel for today’s blog post! Created for a client of ours in [...]

Seaside, Sunset and a Splashback

This gorgeous and completely bespoke fused glass kitchen splashback was created for a client in Lyme Regis, Dorset. It features a splendid and highly diverse palette of colours, including serene blues for the sky and water, and warm orange accents that create a beautiful horizon. If you look closely, [...]