Decide on a Dalaman

For today’s blog, we’re taking a look at one of our most consistently popular fused glass art designs. It makes regular appearances in our portfolio, and we’re always creating brand new examples for customers up and down the country. At the same time, it’s ever-changing, as those same customers [...]

Fresh Glass for Fife

Here’s a project we recently completed, comprising a matching pair of impressively sized custom kitchen splashbacks and a set of equally bespoke panels which went into a set of double doors. Those deserve their own blog, however, so keep your eyes peeled for a separate feature on those! For [...]

At Home in Hampshire

This lovely piece of glass was created for an equally lovely home in Alton, Hampshire, where it found a place behind the cooker in the kitchen. It’s one of our bespoke kitchen splashbacks, needless to say, with our very recognisable Tree of Life design sitting front and centre – [...]

Not Just Coloured Splashbacks

Fewer things are mixed up more often than fused glass splashbacks and their more plain counterparts, coloured splashbacks. Honestly, it’s not too difficult of a mistake to make if you’re unfamiliar with the key differences. This blog aims to outline just a few of those differences and what sets [...]

Straight Outta Compton

Here’s a very recent work that we’re eager to show off as soon as we can! It’s one of our beautiful kitchen splashbacks, but a very unique entry in the family from Compton, Surrey. It definitely showcases how well our fused glass art can complement the existing décor in [...]

Glass for Stoke Golding

The beautiful pair of bespoke glass splashbacks you see above found a home in Stoke Golding, Leicestershire. They were created with the existing central feature in mind, destined not to go behind the cooker but to complement perfectly what was already there. Today, we thought we’d share some words [...]

Fused Glass… Art?

Is fused glass art design, or is it truly art in its own right? Can you call our bespoke glass splashbacks original works? We get the same sort of questions time and time again, so we thought a blog would make for a good chance to look into it [...]

Brightening Up Brighton

Today’s main feature comes from a home in Hove, Brighton. It’s a recent piece, so needless to say, we’re incredibly eager to show it off! It sits behind the cooker as a bespoke splashback, looking stunning set against a beautiful neutral background. The design is our classic and much [...]

Beauty in Balerno

This glass was commissioned for a home in Balerno, Edinburgh, which meant delivering it would take us all the way up to Scotland. Since it’s one of our absolute favourite places in the world, we had no complaints about that! We thought we’d share a few words about it [...]

A Seaside Splashback

To round off a brilliant year, here’s a brilliant handmade kitchen splashback that found its way to Great Dunmow, Essex. The design of the panel is a beautifully scenic one. It features five beach huts created in a classic style, with pastel colours bringing the image to life. There’s [...]