Commercially Speaking

Our bespoke fused glass art is definitely something that you’ll find in homes all up and down the country, with more and more customers every year coming to us for unique and highly personal decorations that are a perfect match with any space, but that’s not all we do! [...]

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Fused Glass Art at Radlett Synagogue

It isn’t every day that we feature a piece of glass we created for a commercial property rather than a domestic one, so today we thought we’d change things up. The image you can see above is a picture of the fused glass art we created for the Radlett [...]

Fused Glass Art is a Versatile Art Form

One of the greatest things about fused glass art is its versatility. You can choose to have a piece of glass for the wall, either from our selection on our website or a bespoke one commissioned by you. You can create a wonderful window or door fused glass pane [...]

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Fused Glass Art with a Commercial Charm

While fused glass art looks absolutely stunning in your kitchen, and the right piece of glass can make any room in the home, it’s definitely not an art form which is restricted to exclusive use in the home. We love the look of glass in a house as much [...]

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