Commercially Speaking

Our bespoke fused glass art is definitely something that you’ll find in homes all up and down the country, with more and more customers every year coming to us for unique and highly personal decorations that are a perfect match with any space, but that’s not all we do! [...]

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Commercially Speaking

Now, we may be a little biased here, but we think that fused glass art can be absolutely stunning, especially when designed expertly and utilised to its full effect. It can completely transform any room in a home, breathing life into the most plain or awkward spaces with effortless [...]

Fused Glass Art with a Commercial Charm

While fused glass art looks absolutely stunning in your kitchen, and the right piece of glass can make any room in the home, it’s definitely not an art form which is restricted to exclusive use in the home. We love the look of glass in a house as much [...]

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Working on a Larger Scale

We love Scotland here at The House of Ugly Fish, and it’s not only because so many of the orders we get have us delivering there! There’s always something to see or another unique experience on offer, especially when we arrive at a customer’s home to find stunning sights [...]

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Going Forth with Fused Glass Art

Here’s another interesting location for you, but this one isn’t from a home consultation. We recently exhibited our fused glass art at the Edinburgh Homebuilding and Renovating Show at the Royal Highland Centre. Paul, on his travels, was able to take some pictures of the three Forth bridges, including [...]

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Our commercial glass art portfolio

As well as providing homes up and down the country with beautiful pieces of fused glass art, we have an extensive portfolio of commercial glass art projects.

Artwork is crucial in creating a certain ambience and atmosphere and every commercial glass art project wants to express something different. For example [...]

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