Fluttering Free

This rather striking piece of fused glass art is one of our glass kitchen splashbacks, and it found a home in Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire. The design is the customer’s own original one, provided to us as reference. Lisa translated the piece into fused glass art as a direct [...]

Wonderful Glass for Whaley Bridge

The design of this bespoke glass splashback in Whaley Bridge is a beautifully original twist on our classic Tree of Life, and the customer’s own twist at that, with a gorgeously cool colour palette brought to life against a neutral white background.
In creating the piece, each leaf was [...]

Green Tree Green

This beautiful fused glass kitchen splashback is a piece that recently found a home in Leicestershire, and it’s a looker! You should recognise the design of the splashback, especially if you’re familiar with our work. If you’re a total newcomer, however, we call this particular style the Tree of [...]

Wildflower Bloom

This beautiful fused glass art panel is a bespoke glass splashback created for a kitchen in Stirling, Scotland. The design features a gorgeous arrangement of various wildflowers against a deep blue background, featuring a subtle gradient and plenty of textures to feast your eyes on.
The concept for how [...]

An Emerald Landscape

We’ve been posting quite a fair few brand new pieces recently, so it seems only fair that we let a piece from the vaults have some time in the spotlight. Here it is! This was one of our most original glass splashbacks at the time of creation, put together [...]

In Circles

Now comfortably at home in a beautiful kitchen in Beckingham, South Yorkshire, this lovely piece is a great example of the kind of glass splashbacks that we regularly create for customers both new and old. It’s the central feature for today’s blog, so we’ll tell you a little bit [...]

Well Imagined

We’ve talked about images in glass before, and this piece from Urmston, Manchester definitely showcases how the medium of fused glass art is perfect for creating beautiful, evocative scenes. It’s one of our older custom glass splashbacks, created around 2015, but it’s definitely not lost any of its beauty!

Beauty in Balerno

This glass was commissioned for a home in Balerno, Edinburgh, which meant delivering it would take us all the way up to Scotland. Since it’s one of our absolute favourite places in the world, we had no complaints about that! We thought we’d share a few words about it [...]

Two Trees Take Root in Orpington

We’re starting 2019 in style with a lovely pair of fused glass kitchen splashbacks! There’s two matching pieces of fused glass art on show here in Orpington, Kent, and both feature striking designs that make a perfect pair. They make a flawless match for the space that they’re in, [...]