A Cool Piece in a Hot Place

Here’s one more from a little while ago, picked out of our portfolio for its bright colours and eye catching design. As we recall, this client was on the lookout for something perfect for dressing up the wall above their fireplace, while also searching for a piece that would [...]

Fusing Traditional and Modern Together

For today’s blog, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on something that we think often goes just a little underappreciated when it comes to the world of fused glass art, and that’s just how well traditional styles can be created on glass instead of a canvas. Have a look [...]

The Brilliant World of Bespoke Design

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re all about bespoke design. Every piece we create is handmade and personalised to look the way the customer wants, or designed at their request by our resident artist Lisa. The end result always makes for the perfect fit when delivered and [...]

The Perfect Match

These two beautiful pieces of fused glass wall art are now safely settled in at a home in Congleton, Cheshire, but they could originally be found in our showroom. They were part of our available stock, waiting on the wall to find a new home, when they caught the [...]

Perfectly Paired Up

Hello again from the team here at The House of Ugly Fish! We thought we’d feature these two panels for today’s blog, as they perfectly show off how a pair of bespoke fused glass art pieces can work together to create a theme in a kitchen. Just take one [...]

Here in Beer

Fancy some fish? Here’s a lovely piece of glass wall art  that found a home in Devon, in a town called Beer that surprisingly wasn’t named after the drink! You’ll of course know that a picture says a thousand words, and a good picture says even more, but this [...]

Installing Success

Fused glass is pretty beautiful, and we think we can all agree on that. That beauty, however, doesn’t quite reach its full potential until it’s paired up with something. That something might take the form of the décor of a kitchen or maybe even a matching accessory, but there’s [...]

Fused Glass: Art or Design?

For as long as we’ve been in the business, there’s always been somewhat of a debate concerning what we do. Specifically, is fused glass art really art – or is it design?

We can understand why many people would think fused glass art is really more of a design choice. [...]

An Image Says a Thousand Words

Fused glass art is a medium that allows for a tremendous range of designs, from abstract geometric patterns all the way to realistic landscapes. There are even glass designs that pop out in three dimensions and use different layers of glass, but we’ll soon be covering those in a [...]

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A Tree to Tee Off the Week

Leave your Monday blues at the door, because we’ve got some glass wall art to kick off the week in style! As you can see above, it’s another fresh and unique take on our Tree of Life that found a home in Winchcombe, Gloucester. It’s a piece that combines [...]

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