Throwback Thursday

Here’s one of our home splashbacks from the vaults, made and delivered back in 2015. Feels like yesterday! The kitchen in question belonged to a home in Mere, Cheshire, and the piece to be placed there was suitably stunning. You can see it pictured above, so we’ll share a [...]

Fused Glass Art in Prestbury

Here’s a piece of fused glass art from Prestbury, Cheshire that really deserves the spotlight. We created and delivered it only a little while ago, but it’s remained fresh in our minds as a lovely and truly memorable piece of art. Our glass doesn’t lose its shine, so it’s [...]

Seeing Black and White

Here’s one of our most recent glass splashbacks, created for a home in High Legh, Cheshire. We just had to show it off in today’s blog, as it’s the perfect piece to showcase how much you can do with fused glass when you’re looking to have a less colourful [...]

A Brilliant Bathroom Splashback

Here’s a piece we recently crafted and delivered to a home in Lymm, Cheshire. Centred around a gorgeously deep blue sea theme, the design of this grand bathroom splashback depicts an incredible seascape. The waters are brought to life by a beautifully crafted gradient that runs throughout the piece, [...]

Fused Glass Art Finds a Home in Hale

Recently delivered to a house in Hale, this gorgeous fused glass art definitely found the right home. The first panel can be seen above, filling out the back wall of the kitchen with a unique twist on our classic Dalaman style. A background of stone silver is brought to [...]

Fused Glass Dalaman in Cheshire

This gorgeous stone splashback recently found a home in Bowden, Cheshire. Featuring a creative take on our classic Dalaman design, this splashback really does show off the best things about our glass and the incredible things that it can do to completely transform a kitchen – or any room [...]

Picture Perfect and Personalised

Another one from the vaults! This splashback was created for one of our clients in Nantwich, Cheshire. It features a gorgeously green tree of life design, with a softly shaded background that adds a huge amount of depth to the piece. The leaves hanging from each branch are made [...]

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Crafting A Cheshire Landmark

Created for a customer of ours in Bollington, Cheshire, this fused glass kitchen splashback is a testament to just how much say you can have over the design of a piece. It’s the perfect example of how one of our bespoke glass splashbacks can be personalised for a customer, [...]

A Three Tree Treat

Created for a kitchen in Mere, Cheshire, and a beautiful home that were happy to have the chance to visit, this particular fused glass installation is a perfect example of how creative you can be with our work. Take a good look at the image above, as there’s a [...]

A Complement for a Cheshire Kitchen

This rather grand kitchen splashback was created for a client in Tarporley, Cheshire, and it’s a perfect example of how one of our bespoke glass splashbacks can be made and personalised to suit your kitchen.
As you may be able to tell already, the customer was looking for a [...]

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