In Loving Memory

We’re back with another absolutely gorgeous piece of fused glass art, and this one really deserves to be featured front and centre on our website. As you might be able to tell, the panel was created from a picture of the sunset at Morar, a small village just west [...]

Fused Glass: Art or Design?

For as long as we’ve been in the business, there’s always been somewhat of a debate concerning what we do. Specifically, is fused glass art really art – or is it design?

We can understand why many people would think fused glass art is really more of a design choice. [...]

Kitchen Splashbacks, Bespoke or Coloured?

Even if you’ve never heard of The House of the Ugly Fish or visited our website before, you’ll probably already know about kitchen splashbacks. Over the past few years, they’ve been something of a revolution in the way we think about decorating our kitchens, getting rid of the old [...]

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Bright, Beautiful, Bespoke

If you’re looking to put one of our gorgeous designs in your home, make sure you don’t wait to have a look at our portfolio and see just what our fused glass art is capable of. Before you go ahead and do that, though, we’ll tell you a few [...]

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Bright Lights on a Tree of Life

Here’s a recent work of ours that found a home in Heald Green, Manchester, and it makes for a stunning sight. The central splashback sits flush with matching surrounds that absolutely transform this kitchen into what you see here, and a background of deep blue goes very well with [...]

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A Beautiful Bottle Green Kitchen

Where do we start with this one? There’s just so much to love about this particular installation that it’s hard to single out any one element. This kitchen features an extensive collection of stunning panels and accents, with wavy fused glass art everywhere you look. The main design is [...]

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A Stunning Splashback for Surrey

Created for a client in Oxted, Surrey, this beautifully neutral splashback was made to fit an equally good looking kitchen. The decoration of the room was already superb and the style was definitely sharp, but the client felt as if something was missing. This is where we stepped in, [...]

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An Amazing Alternative to Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Fused glass art is the perfect alternative to coloured glass splashbacks. The sheer amount of options and variations you have when utilising fused glass should immediately tempt to you look into it. Certainly, when compared with your traditional coloured glass splashbacks, even the ability to incorporate more colours than [...]

Coloured Glass Splashbacks or Fused Glass?

Coloured glass splashbacks are something that we can definitely appreciate, as they’re a great way of adding a splash of colour to your kitchen. Especially given the recent trend of decorating kitchens either in white or in a themes that tend to be quite monochromatic, a little injection of [...]