Fused Colour

Splashbacks are very impactful things, and they’re a fantastic way to add a huge amount of flair to any kitchen or bathroom in a single deft stroke. They take a number of forms, the most popular being coloured glass splashbacks, but that’s a trend that fused glass is definitely [...]

Here in Beer

Fancy some fish? Here’s a lovely piece of glass wall art  that found a home in Devon, in a town called Beer that surprisingly wasn’t named after the drink! You’ll of course know that a picture says a thousand words, and a good picture says even more, but this [...]

Another Marvellous Mug

The creative science behind fused glass art design is always branching out and taking entirely new forms, with an incredibly innovative artist in our workshop who’s always on the lookout for unique and innovative ways to bring our unique flair to more and more products. One of those products [...]

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Bright, Beautiful, Bespoke

If you’re looking to put one of our gorgeous designs in your home, make sure you don’t wait to have a look at our portfolio and see just what our fused glass art is capable of. Before you go ahead and do that, though, we’ll tell you a few [...]

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In Search of the Perfect Decoration

Having a little trouble getting the look of your home just right? We know all too well that it can definitely be difficult to find art that you truly love, especially if you’re building a theme in your home or going for a specific style in a certain room. [...]

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Fused or Coloured?

If you’ve ever looked through the incredibly diverse selection of pieces that can be found in our portfolio, you’ll no doubt know all about the fantastically unique qualities of our work and how it can be used in all kinds of ways. We think fused glass art is a [...]

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Flaming Hot Fused Glass

Recently created and delivered to a home in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, this gorgeous piece of glass is a shining example of how our fused glass kitchen splashbacks can really bring a unique touch to your kitchen. You won’t see a decoration like this one in any other home!
So, right [...]

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Not So Neutral

Here’s a piece we’ve recently completed, now located in a very happy customer’s home in Warwickshire. It’s one of our fused glass kitchen splashbacks, of course, and the design is a very exciting and colourful one. As you can see pictured above, this is one glass piece that’s determined [...]

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Going for Gold

Recently installed in Brightlingsea, Essex, this piece is definitely one with an interesting origin. The customer’s father is an Olympic medallist who brought home the gold for team GB in sailing, which we were absolutely amazed to discover! Being very proud of her father’s achievements, and with very good [...]

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Something Different for December

You may have seen glass splashbacks before, but we guarantee that our fused glass art stands apart from the rest. Where traditional coloured glass splashbacks utilise a single colour, our own work presents an entire world of detail beyond just the base colour. Now there’s nothing wrong with simplicity, [...]

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