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Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish! We’re here once again to show off a recently completed project, this time taking the form of three bespoke fused glass art panels which were created for a lovely home in Kilmacolm. It was quite a trip all the way north [...]

Fresh Glass for Fife

Here’s a project we recently completed, comprising a matching pair of impressively sized custom kitchen splashbacks and a set of equally bespoke panels which went into a set of double doors. Those deserve their own blog, however, so keep your eyes peeled for a separate feature on those! For [...]

Hello From Harrogate

Here’s a very recent piece for the blog. This particularly striking fused glass art found a brand new home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and it’s a project that we’re excited to show off.
The design features cascading layers of colour that seamlessly transition from panel to panel, creating an [...]

Branching Out Again

This latest piece of handmade fused glass art comes from a beautiful home in the equally scenic village of Stoke Gifford, Bristol. The design is a take on our classic Tree of Life, of course, but with plenty of changes and customisations that make full use of our completely [...]

Fused Glass… Art?

Is fused glass art design, or is it truly art in its own right? Can you call our bespoke glass splashbacks original works? We get the same sort of questions time and time again, so we thought a blog would make for a good chance to look into it [...]

Autumn in Winter

Here’s a piece that we recently delivered to a home in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. It’s a kitchen glass splashback that really speaks for itself, but we just can’t resist sharing a few words about it…
The design is a beautiful variation on our classic Tree of Life, of course, [...]

Throwback Thursday

Here’s one of our home splashbacks from the vaults, made and delivered back in 2015. Feels like yesterday! The kitchen in question belonged to a home in Mere, Cheshire, and the piece to be placed there was suitably stunning. You can see it pictured above, so we’ll share a [...]

Coaster to Coaster

Fancy a drink or two? Fused glass art coasters are the perfect accessory for any home. Although they’re much smaller than our usual kitchen splashbacks and glass wall art panels, our coasters are definitely every bit as beautiful.
There’s actually a lot that can be done on coasters, and [...]

Coloured vs Fused

When comparing bespoke glass splashbacks with more traditional coloured glass splashbacks, what stands out most for us is the level of detail. As you may have seen before, most coloured glass panels consist of only a single colour or shade applied to the glass in a smooth and even [...]

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Time to Make a Splash

Bespoke glass splashbacks are definitely the biggest sellers here at The House of Ugly Fish, and they’re definitely not going out of style any time soon. Sounds like the time to look into it, right? Well, just before you do that, why not let us tell you why our [...]