A Sparse Shoal

This beautifully bespoke home splashback was delivered to a home in Fareham, Hampshire. Each fish in the design was cut by hand and carefully placed in the design to create the image of a sparse shoal swimming in water. There’s a huge amount of diversity to be spotted, with [...]

A Three Tree Treat

This stunningly beautiful custom home splashback from Edenbridge, Kent is a Tree of Life design with a very unique and special twist. Can you tell what it is? It should be immediately obvious from the picture above if you’re familiar with the way the design usually looks, and maybe [...]

Utilising Space

This beautiful home splashback is a unique one for us, as it was delivered to a lovely house in Cheshire and fitted in a utility room rather than in the kitchen. The design utilises all the space given to it in a very complete fashion, so much so that [...]

Never Trust A Thin Cook

This beautiful glass splashback found a home in Lymm, Cheshire, where it was fitted behind the cooker in a rather lovely looking kitchen.
The design is a very artistic and hugely charming piece which depicts a rather plump penguin on a cool coloured background that’s absolutely bursting with detail. [...]

A Wonder for Wormley

This lovely custom splashback was very recently delivered to Wormley, Hertfordshire, and it definitely deserves the spotlight today.
The design is a unique take on our classic Tree of Life, of course, a very popular style that’s taken in root in countless homes across the country. No two splashbacks [...]

Decide on a Dalaman

For today’s blog, we’re taking a look at one of our most consistently popular fused glass art designs. It makes regular appearances in our portfolio, and we’re always creating brand new examples for customers up and down the country. At the same time, it’s ever-changing, as those same customers [...]

Clarifying Colour

If you’re unfamiliar with the key differences, it can be an easy mistake to confuse coloured glass splashbacks and fused glass splashbacks. For today’s blog, we thought we go over just a few of the things that set the two apart!
The first thing we can think of is [...]

At Home in Hampshire

This lovely piece of glass was created for an equally lovely home in Alton, Hampshire, where it found a place behind the cooker in the kitchen. It’s one of our bespoke kitchen splashbacks, needless to say, with our very recognisable Tree of Life design sitting front and centre – [...]

Headed for Hayling Island

This gorgeous bespoke fused glass kitchen splashback found a home upon Hayling Island, Hampshire. The design is a lovely twist on the classic wave style, with both background and foreground featuring curving pieces of glass that rise and fall. They’re placed on the top layer of the piece, too, [...]

School’s Out in Huddersfield

This stunning kitchen splashback was created for a home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. It was made for customers who had seen a piece of fused glass art just like it at a show of ours and wanted one of their own. Of course, we were more than happy to [...]