Coloured Glass or Fused Glass

Fewer things are mixed up more often than fused glass splashbacks and their more plain counterparts, coloured splashbacks. Honestly, it’s not too difficult of a mistake to make if you’re unfamiliar with the key differences. This blog aims to outline just a few of those differences and what sets [...]

Start the Week Right

Mondays are a little grey for all of us, as we find ourselves having to say goodbye to the weekend and getting back to work. With that in mind, we’re starting the week with something colourful to provide a much-needed injection of life. Take a look at this stunning [...]

A Little Look Back

Here’s one from the vaults! It’s an older piece of ours that eventually found a home in Padgate, Warrington, but it looks just as good as the day we made it! The client behind this piece was looking to put something special behind the cooker, and so they asked [...]

Start the Week Right

Now here’s a gorgeous piece of glass that we’re more than proud to show off for today’s blog. We believe in starting the week right, after all, so one of our fully bespoke artisan glass splashbacks should hopefully brighten up your Monday! The idea for this particular piece came [...]

Urmston Flow

Now here’s a gorgeous set of fused glass art panels that definitely deserve the spotlight. Recently delivered and installed to a home in Urmston, Trafford, this multiple-panel installation is comprised of a central splashback that rises tall behind the sink and a set of of matching surrounds. The design [...]

Shelling Out

The stunning fused glass art splashback you see above was a piece delivered to a home in Altrincham, Trafford. The design is a very unique one, making it a one of a kind piece you won’t find in any other home. Straight from the mind of the customer, it [...]

For Any Home

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re experts when it comes to the creation of incredible glass splashbacks, both in domestic and commercial environments. Our work has helped to bring life into all kinds of spaces across the country and beyond its borders on occasion, too, so there’s [...]

Hallowed Ground

Here’s a beautiful example of a customised kitchen splashback recently delivered to Hallow, Worcester. We love how this piece came out, so naturally we’re keen to show it off here on our blog. Today, it’s firmly in the spotlight where it belongs!
As a completely fresh take on the [...]

Splashing Down

Freshly created and delivered to a home in Ewell, Surrey, this gorgeous bespoke glass splashback is a piece of fused glass art that literally makes a big splash in the kitchen. The concept behind the piece, or the idea that started it all, was the customer’s own. Lisa worked [...]

A Snowy Scene for Surrey

Depicting a snowy scene set against the warm tones of a golden yellow sky, with mountains and hills which rise and fall throughout, this gorgeous handmade glass splashback was a very recent piece completed for a home in Windlesham, Surrey.
Do you recognise the landmark pictured in the design? [...]