Looking for the Perfect Decoration

Are you having a little difficulty getting the look of your home just right? We here at the House of Ugly Fish know all too well that it can be difficult to find art that you truly love, and it can take few tries to find something with staying [...]

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Made by Hand

Did you know that we make every single piece of glass wall art by hand? Even if you didn’t know how we make it, you should definitely know how much of an effect it can have in your home. Take a look through our full portfolio of work, and [...]

A Triple Treat for Thursday

Now here’s a beautiful room if we ever saw one, located in a home in Heckington, Lincolnshire. We recently finished up creating and delivering these three pieces of bespoke fused glass wall art, and naturally, we couldn’t wait to show off the end result. You may immediately notice that [...]

Kitchen Lighthouse

The story behind this lovely bespoke glass splashback is definitely one for the blog! The client was looking for a splashback for their kitchen in North Devon, but they used to live in the Maldives. Understandably, not wanting to leave the gorgeous sights behind, they decided to bring home [...]

Bespoke Images in Fused Glass Art

If you’ve ever taken a look through our portfolio or browsed our blog before, then you’ll no doubt have already seen the many kinds of designs that can adorn our fused glass art. From vividly colourful waves to monochromatic Dalaman pieces, and even pieces that take their designs into [...]

Bespoke and Brilliant

It’s no secret that we here at The House of Ugly Fish absolutely love working with bespoke fused glass art as a medium! There’s just so much that can be done using clear glass as a canvas for art, with near endless possibilities and a tremendous variety of combinations [...]

A Three Panel Tree

Here’s a very recent piece for the blog, and it’s a real stunner that we can confidently call one of the best bespoke glass splashbacks Urmston has ever received from us! The customer was looking for a certain kind of design, and definitely made the most of the fact [...]

A Tree of Life at Sunset

This incredible glass wall art triptych is currently hanging in our showroom, so it’s a sight that we’re greeted with every time we come into work, and it’s a lovely piece that visitors can see as they browse through our many displayed pieces. We thought we’d broadcast it to [...]

Glass Wall Art in Appleton Thorn

Here’s some lovely wall art from Appleton Thorn, The story behind these particular pieces is a fairly simple one, but it’s one we’d like to revisit today. Some time ago now, the customer had visited us at the Ideal Home Show and had bought some of the glass wall [...]

Wall to Wall

Looking to decorate your home in a creative way? Try our glass wall art! Every single piece that rolls off our kiln is bespoke and made to order by hand, as is the case with all of the many varied kinds of glass products that we create. Whether you’re [...]