A Rocky Refurnishing

Today’s blog comes from a beautifully restored and deftly converted old dairy shed, now a jaw-dropping property in Glastonbury, Somerset. It features a hand crafted oak kitchen with two brand new bespoke glass splashbacks, both of which have a lot of thought put into them!
Speaking of thought, what [...]

Fuse Your Splashbacks!

Whether you’re talking about fused glass splashbacks or coloured glass splashbacks, it’s an undeniable fact that splashbacks are revolutionising the way we think about decorating the home. From bathrooms to kitchens, there’s a huge potential for gorgeous panels that add that certain something that normal tiling just wouldn’t quite [...]

Fused or Coloured?

If you’ve ever looked through the incredibly diverse selection of pieces that can be found in our portfolio, you’ll no doubt know all about the fantastically unique qualities of our work and how it can be used in all kinds of ways. We think fused glass art is a [...]

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Add Some Accessories

Is your room in dire need of a few accessories? Are you exactly the kind of person that’s never done decorating until you’ve filled up every empty space and made everything look as full as possible? Personally, we just can’t rest until we’ve made sure that there’s a strong [...]

Create a Strong Theme in Your Kitchen

This modern long kitchen is another prime example of fused glass art being utilised to create a strong theme. In this case, we really think that the unique qualities of the glass shine through and couldn’t be replicated by anything else.
The design of the pieces were created with [...]

Wonderful Wall Art Waves

The image above is a photograph of a fused glass wall art installation that found a home in Loughton, Essex. Featuring six of our sculptured wave designs arranged side by side to create one grand picture, it was definitely a rewarding experience to bring it all to life.
It [...]

Something to See in Frinton-on-Sea

This rather impressive fused glass installation found a beautiful home in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, and we’re quite proud of it! It’s always challenging to work on such a large scale, needless to say, but with challenge comes great reward. When all was said and done, the customer was as pleased [...]

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Something for the Sunshine State

The bespoke fused glass art designs you see pictured above are definitely beautiful, but unlike the majority of our work, the client was actually outside the UK.
Coming all the way from the gorgeous sunshine state of Florida in the USA, the client behind this particular glass installation wanted [...]

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A Big Success in Swindon

We posted a quick blog post a few weeks ago about a particularly exciting event that we were attending in Swindon, so we thought we’d follow it up with a little account of how it went. To refresh your memory, the National Self Build and Renovation Show was the [...]

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Fused Glass Art at Jade Mountain

For anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to visit the breathtaking Jade Mountain Resort hotel in St. Lucia, the sheer beauty of the place is sure to be a strong memory. Just take a look at the image above if you don’t believe us! That gorgeous view is what [...]

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