Hooked on Light

It’s the first post on our blog in the new year, so of course we’re happy that it’s a good one. We love pieces that interact with light to bring a whole new element to the glass, and this latest project on our blog definitely ticks that box. It’s [...]

Half Tree, Full Effect

This particular piece of fused glass wall art was actually sold as part of one of our annual sales, and found itself on the way to a customer soon after. Ultimately, it found a place on the wall in a home in Sittingbourne, Kent. You can see the piece, [...]

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Wave to Wave

Today’s blog is dedicated to a particular bespoke fused glass art design of ours. Can you guess which one?
Well, the image above might be giving it away already! The Wave design is an enduring favourite both for our customers and for the team here at The House of [...]

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A Tremendous Tree of Life Triptych

Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish! Today’s blog is about a really striking piece of custom glass wall art, which you can find pictured above. This piece was actually the main feature of our exhibition stand at the Edinburgh Homebuilding & Renovating Show. The customer loved it [...]

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Variety and Versatility

What are the differences between the bespoke glass splashbacks we make and more traditional coloured glass splashbacks? It’s a question we get asked a lot, so we thought we’d talk about it in today’s blog.
The first major difference comes with the level of detail, and both the versatility [...]

Letting The Light Shine Through

These gorgeous, dynamic pieces of fused glass art were created for a client in Northumberland that was looking for a unique way to let light into a rather dark bathroom. Naturally, these two window panels were the perfect solution, and they had the added effect of dressing up the [...]

A Very Tall Tree of Life

Ormskirk is a lovely market town in West Lancashire. It’s a town with plenty of history and some stunning buildings, and there are hallmarks of the town’s past to be found throughout. Today’s blog isn’t about the old, however, as we recently brought something brand spanking new to a [...]

Complementing the Cooker

Here’s one of our latest pieces for today’s blog, found in a home in Appleton, Cheshire. We’ve actually been making a lot of stunning glass splashbacks Cheshire-wide these last few weeks, and if they continue to look this good then we certainly hope to keep the trend going! You [...]

A Cool Piece in a Hot Place

Here’s one more from a little while ago, picked out of our portfolio for its bright colours and eye catching design. As we recall, this client was on the lookout for something perfect for dressing up the wall above their fireplace, while also searching for a piece that would [...]

Fused Colour

Splashbacks are very impactful things, and they’re a fantastic way to add a huge amount of flair to any kitchen or bathroom in a single deft stroke. They take a number of forms, the most popular being coloured glass splashbacks, but that’s a trend that fused glass is definitely [...]