Running Horizontal

To end the week in style, today we’re taking a look at one of the designs that frequently adorns our website. It regularly makes an appearance in our porfolio, with at least one created every month, and we’re always delivering them up and down the country. Although there’s a [...]

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Fused Glass to Fit

When it comes to the creation of beautiful fused glass panels, both in domestic and commercial environments, The House of Ugly Fish is the leading name in the market and the first port of call for those in the know. Our work has helped to bring life into all [...]

A Perfect Match

This vividly coloured piece was sold as part of our last big sale, and it wasn’t long before it found a home. It’s one of our fused glass panels for the wall of course, created in a classic layered Dalaman style. Horizontal pieces run from left to right, with [...]

Start the Week Right

Now here’s a gorgeous piece of glass that we’re more than proud to show off for today’s blog. We believe in starting the week right, after all, so one of our fully bespoke artisan glass splashbacks should hopefully brighten up your Monday! The idea for this particular piece came [...]

A Scene in a Splashback

Stepping into the spotlight for today, this stunning and very unique bespoke kitchen splashback was a recent creation for a home in Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire. It’s a piece that does things a little differently, putting a one-of-a-kind spin on the Tree of Life design that should be very familiar [...]

Shoreside Scenery

Here’s a recent piece of beautifully vivid bespoke fused glass art that we created for a lovely home in Yateley, Hampshire. It’s a real looker, so it’s definitely going to be the main feature of today’s blog! The design is based on a piece that Lisa had previously created. [...]

Our Tallest Tree Yet

Now this is what we call an installation! This jaw-dropping sight comes from Kirkcaldy, Fife, where the clients in question were looking to decorate a newly built and very modern extension to a grand old building. The property was complete with stunning high ceilings and intricate mouldings echoing memories [...]