School’s Out in Huddersfield

This stunning kitchen splashback was created for a home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. It was made for customers who had seen a piece of fused glass art just like it at a show of ours and wanted one of their own. Of course, we were more than happy to [...]

Fish and Penguins

Now here’s a beautiful sight from a home in Whitemore, Cheshire. The customer behind the recently completed fused glass wall art pictured above actually had already bought something from us, a panel adorned by a row of penguins. They loved the effect that it had on the room so [...]

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Truly Bespoke Wall Art

This particularly striking bespoke wall art was created for a client of ours in Shaftsbury Avenue. If you’re thinking that this is a little different to what we usually have to show off, you’d be right!
The design was created according the customer’s specifications, taking full advantage of the [...]

A Very Special Hampshire Splashback

Take a look at this beauty of a piece! This is one of our absolute favourite bespoke glass splashbacks Hampshire-wide to date, especially because of how well our classic Dalaman design worked in this particular space. If there’s any item from our extensive portfolio that deserves the spotlight today, [...]

Burning Boats on a Workington Wall

This incredibly bold glass wall art found a home in Workington, where it happily sits now. It utilises a design that we’re very fond of, so we thought, why not shed a little light on it? It’d be a shame if it went undiscovered.
The design of the piece [...]

A Welcoming Glass Wall Art Wave

The piece pictured above was created for a client in Leeds, and it’s the main feature of today’s post. We just had to write a little bit about it, as it’s the perfect example of glass wall art doing what it does best.
For this particular job, we were [...]

Crafting A Cheshire Landmark

Created for a customer of ours in Bollington, Cheshire, this fused glass kitchen splashback is a testament to just how much say you can have over the design of a piece. It’s the perfect example of how one of our bespoke glass splashbacks can be personalised for a customer, [...]

An Alternate Take On A Triptych

This beautiful fused glass art piece was created for some clients of ours who had seen another panel of ours, but wanted to change things up and include clear glass in it. It currently sits as an essential decoration in a home in Ayre, Ayreshire, where we’re sure it’s [...]

A Wonderful Wall Installation

We’ve talked before on our blog about how we love when fused glass art is used to create windows, and how light interacts with the colours inside of the medium. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, to see that we’re featuring another project where fused glass windows were [...]

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Fused Glass Art with a Commercial Charm

While fused glass art looks absolutely stunning in your kitchen, and the right piece of glass can make any room in the home, it’s definitely not an art form which is restricted to exclusive use in the home. We love the look of glass in a house as much [...]

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