Bearsden Beauty

Coming to the blog today is a gorgeous piece of fused glass wall art that was completed for and delivered to a home in Bearsden, Glasgow. We really like this one, so showing it off is second nature for us!
What you might immediately notice is that the glass [...]

A Long Time Coming

Today’s blog centres around this stunning glass wall art feature from Bridgwater, Somerset. You might be surprised to learn that it’s not fresh out of the kiln, but rather one that we’ve had for a while!
This beautiful fused glass triptych was actually one of the very first crashing [...]

Working for the Wall

You may have already seen our work behind a cooker or two across the country, typically in the form of a fused glass splashback, but did you know that our work looks every bit as stunning when you hang it on the wall? If you’re in the market for [...]

A Perfect Addition

This gorgeous fused glass wall art was a piece featured front and centre as part of our 2018 annual sale. As you might be able to tell from the image above, however, it’s no longer in our showroom. That’s because it’s found a new home in Alderley Edge, Cheshire! [...]

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Wonderful Art for the Wall

In the market for something totally fresh and wholly unique to breathe life into your home? Is there a space on the wall that’s just a little bit too empty for your liking? If so, our glass wall art is guaranteed to be just the thing you need. Fused [...]

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Half Tree, Full Effect

This particular piece of fused glass wall art was actually sold as part of one of our annual sales, and found itself on the way to a customer soon after. Ultimately, it found a place on the wall in a home in Sittingbourne, Kent. You can see the piece, [...]

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The Congleton Collector

There’s a truly impressive amount of fused glass art on show here in this Congleton property, home to one of our private collectors. The customer in question had already purchased three panels from us to go in the bedroom before they decided to get their hands on not one [...]

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A Tremendous Tree of Life Triptych

Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish! Today’s blog is about a really striking piece of custom glass wall art, which you can find pictured above. This piece was actually the main feature of our exhibition stand at the Edinburgh Homebuilding & Renovating Show. The customer loved it [...]

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Wall Mounted Wonder

Looking for something fresh to breathe life into a space in your home? Is there a wall in your property that’s starkly lacking some colour? Glass wall art might just be what you need!
When you’re working with bespoke fused glass art, your imagination really is the only limit. [...]

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The Enduring Appeal of Accessories

Month after month, we always find that one of our top selling products are fused glass art accessories. That’s smaller things like glass bowls, drinks coasters and other miscellaneous pieces that look a treat in any room. We’ve even had quite a few orders this week, so it’s hard [...]

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