Looking in on Longford

This beautiful fused glass art found a home in Longford, Gloucestershire. The glass in this case is comprised of two double-glazed fused glass windows on either side of a door, making for a stunningly beautiful entryway. Although the majority of the glass is translucent and clear, the two panels [...]

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Looking In

For those of us keen to brighten up their home with the beauty of natural light, fused glass art windows are a perfect way to do it. They make for a gorgeously unmissable addition to the home, sending vivid colours diffusing through any room. They’re a practical alternative to [...]

Stunning Skye

This particular piece of fused glass art found its way to a very interesting location, as it was delivered to customers in Stein, on the Isle of Skye. Not only is Stein home to some of the most stunning highland views, but it also houses the isle’s oldest pub! [...]

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Light, Glass and Beautiful Windows

For today’s blog, we’re once again shining light onto an often overlooked area of our portfolio. Funnily enough, the glass we’re talking about is perfect for shining light into a room, as well! We are, of course, talking about our fused glass art windows.
Fused glass art windows make [...]

Letting The Light Shine Through

These gorgeous, dynamic pieces of fused glass art were created for a client in Northumberland that was looking for a unique way to let light into a rather dark bathroom. Naturally, these two window panels were the perfect solution, and they had the added effect of dressing up the [...]

Let Some Light Shine In

Looking for something a little different to really make your house shine? Although our glass is frequently used to create gorgeous fused glass kitchen splashbacks, wall panels and other decorations that dress up a wall, the way that light interacts with the glass makes them perfect for bespoke glass [...]

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Fused Glass Windows Letting Light In

Bringing a modern twist to a traditional countryside front door, these fused glass windows in East Sussex are definitely a stand out feature of this home and make for a truly one of a kind viewing experience, if you ask us! The respective design of each piece features a [...]

A Wonderful Wall Installation

We’ve talked before on our blog about how we love when fused glass art is used to create windows, and how light interacts with the colours inside of the medium. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, to see that we’re featuring another project where fused glass windows were [...]

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Let a Little Light into Your Life

As you’re sure to have noticed,  the days are growing darker every day. That’s a given for December and the winter months in general, but there’s a reason we’re mentioning it. With the sun disappearing over the horizon earlier and earlier, we here at The House of Ugly Fish [...]

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    The difference between fused glass windows and stained glass windows

The difference between fused glass windows and stained glass windows

A lot of the time perspective clients come to us looking for stained glass windows or doors for their home. Whilst here at The House of Ugly Fish, we don’t actually specialise in stained glass windows, we do create glass window designs and bespoke windows and a lot of [...]

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