Winter on Anglesey

Can you believe how quickly January has gone by? It certainly hasn’t been a very normal month for any of us, and now we find our new fused glass art studio on Anglesey firmly clasped within the icy grasp of winter.
It isn’t hard to feel the change in [...]

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Edinburgh Bound

This piece of fused glass wall art was purchased from our stock, and it proudly hung as a centrepiece in our showroom until the day came that it was time for it to find a new home in Edinburgh. Believe us, we were sad to see it go! It [...]

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On Balnakeil Beach

Today’s blog comes to you courtesy of a home in Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, where this stunning set of three fused glass art panels recently found a home. It depicts a certain view with a lot of meaning!
The customer’s family lived on a house on Balnakeil Beach and also worked [...]

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Relocation Sale

The House of Ugly Fish is gearing up for December, which means that our annual fused glass art sale will soon be on. Seeing as how we’ve recently relocated our glass art studio to the scenic shores of Anglesey, we’ve decided to call this one our relocation sale!
And [...]

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Three More Waves on the Wall

These three purple sculptured waves, each piece making up a full set of fused glass art for the wall, are the latest pieces to come out of our glass art studio in Anglesey, North Wales. They were created and delivered to a beautiful home in Edinburgh, so they had [...]

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Cardiff Dalaman

The latest piece to make it onto our blog is this rather fetching example of a fused glass art panel, becoming the newest addition to our catalogue of completed fused glass splashbacks. It found a home in Cardiff!
The focus for this piece was the colour. The palette was [...]

An Artisan Addition

We here at The House of Ugly Fish love fused glass art, and we’re proud to continue providing the very best products that the UK has to offer for over fourteen years now. Our glass has found a home in so many homes up and down the country, including [...]

Sale Success

Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish! Today, we’re showing off a lovely piece of fused glass art from a home in Leeds.
The piece has a variety of green hues selected from a wide palette, all displayed across an equally diverse choice of flakes and frits. Solid [...]