Wave to Wave

Today’s blog is dedicated to a particular bespoke fused glass art design of ours. Can you guess which one?
Well, the image above might be giving it away already! The Wave design is an enduring favourite both for our customers and for the team here at The House of [...]

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The Congleton Collector

There’s a truly impressive amount of fused glass art on show here in this Congleton property, home to one of our private collectors. The customer in question had already purchased three panels from us to go in the bedroom before they decided to get their hands on not one [...]

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Walled In

Do you like the look of the beautiful triptych piece heading this blog? It’s a very scenic fused glass art design that continues across all three panels, and is sure to look fantastic no matter what wall it ends up on. If you think a piece much like this [...]

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For the Kitchen

Is there an empty space behind the cooker that’s just dying to be decorated? Is the back of your kitchen looking just a little bit too bare as it is right now? If either of those questions apply to you, then you’re certainly in the right place. We here [...]

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Christmas Comes to Swansea

Lisa was honoured and totally delighted when she was asked to create six unique glass art panels for Paul Lee and Swansea Council, lending her unique and very distinctive artistic flair to a project unlike any other we’ve taken on before – a float for a Christmas procession!
If [...]

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Something Extra

We here at The House of Ugly Fish have a wide range of fused glass accessories in all shapes, sizes, colours and more. From table decorations such as sets of drinks coasters, decorative fruit bowls, soap dishes all the way to unique items like Rospo lights, there’s an endless [...]

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Light It Up

Now here’s some fused glass art that well and truly catches the eye! These striking wall panels make a tremendous statement, and simply can’t be ignored. The design of each piece is made to look like a flow, with smoothly curving lines and streaks of contrast that make their [...]

An Injection of Colour

With so many kitchens across the UK opting in to the current trend of neutral, clean-looking spaces, the question of how to add the right amount of colour is one that’s being asked more and more. We here at The House of Ugly Fish have our own solution, of [...]

Making Waves

Like the image heading this blog might suggest, which was a gorgeous room divider panel that found a home in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, today’s blog is dedicated to a design that we’ve seen roll out of our kiln time and time again. That’s right, it’s time to shine the [...]

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Wall Mounted Wonder

Looking for something fresh to breathe life into a space in your home? Is there a wall in your property that’s starkly lacking some colour? Glass wall art might just be what you need!
When you’re working with bespoke fused glass art, your imagination really is the only limit. [...]

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