On the Table

This is fused glass art utilised in a way we’ve truly never seen, thanks to an idea from a customer that we were happy to bring to life. It’s a piece that doesn’t so much as sit atop the table as it does hold it together – quite literally! [...]

Delving into the Dalaman

Today, we thought we’d take a good long look at one of our most popular fused glass art designs. It always seems to be a hit with the customers that frequently visit both our online portfolio and showroom, and it’s always changing as those same customers bring brand new [...]

Wave to Wave

Today’s blog is dedicated to a particular bespoke fused glass art design of ours. Can you guess which one?
Well, the image above might be giving it away already! The Wave design is an enduring favourite both for our customers and for the team here at The House of [...]

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Christmas Comes to Swansea

Lisa was honoured and totally delighted when she was asked to create six unique glass art panels for Paul Lee and Swansea Council, lending her unique and very distinctive artistic flair to a project unlike any other we’ve taken on before – a float for a Christmas procession!
If [...]

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Stunning Skye

This particular piece of fused glass art found its way to a very interesting location, as it was delivered to customers in Stein, on the Isle of Skye. Not only is Stein home to some of the most stunning highland views, but it also houses the isle’s oldest pub! [...]

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A Tall Tree in Totnes

Here’s another one of our bespoke glass splashbacks from a little while ago! The client behind this rather grand Tree of Life wanted a piece to be placed behind their AGA range cooker, complete with a black upstand to match. Of course, every single piece of fused glass art [...]

The Addition of Accessories

Fused glass art accessories are top sellers! Table decorations like bowls and coasters have been consistently popular choices here at The House of Ugly Fish, and we’ve had more than a few orders come through in recent weeks. It seems like they’ve definitely got staying power, with many of [...]

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Amazing Accessories

On the prowl for some brand new decorations? Well, we’ve got some good news for you – now is the perfect time to look into fused glass art accessories! Table decorations such as bowls and coasters have been consistently popular choices here at The House of Ugly Fish, and [...]

Fused Glass Art That Burns Bright!

This Thursday, we’re jumping back into the past to have a bit of a throwback for the blog, so here’s some classic fused glass art from the vaults!
The kitchen that we’re featuring today is a beautiful one that we delivered glass to a little while ago. It can [...]

A Decorative Helping Hand for Hamble

This fused glass art splashback features in a house in Hamble, Hampshire. As you can see from the image above, it makes for a striking sight and absolutely can’t be missed. The view out from over the Solent is spectacular enough, but this glass ensures that this property is [...]

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