Southwell Bound

These five panels of fused glass wall art are the latest pieces to find a new home, making their way out of our kilns and hitting the road until finally being delivered to this gorgeous property in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Created to match up with the chairs in the room [...]

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Glass Wall Art That Fits

Instantly recognisable for creating fused glass art and glass wall art of all shapes and sizes, The House of Ugly Fish is a household name in the world of interior decoration, if you’ll forgive the slight play on words! Today, we thought we’d remind you about the versatility of [...]

A Blast from the Past

This set of three sculpted waves found a home in Chigwell, Essex, where they came to adorn the wall in an offset triptych arrangement. Each piece of bespoke glass art continues on from the next one, forming one large flowing design that comes together once you take a look [...]

Cascading in Cheshire

Recently delivered to a home in Cheshire, this gorgeous bathroom glass art found a home as a wall panel recessed into the shower wall. The base of the design is comprised of various blue shades, with a suitably aquatic theme in the form of a cascading wave pattern which [...]

Oceans Deep, Mountain High

Created for a customer’s beautiful Hampshire home, this incredible piece of glass is a bespoke glass wall art panel which depicts a scene both under and over the water. A mix of sparkling metallic fish all cut and shaped by hand swim together in a spiralling school, whilst mountains [...]

Seeing Double

Now located in a beautiful home in Ormskirk, these two beautifully bespoke glass wall art panels make a lovely sight, don’t you think? Set against recesses in the wall and independently illuminated, the fiery colours on display inject a very neutral space with heaps of excitement. You may have [...]

On the Wall, or Anywhere!

The House of Ugly Fish is a name which is instantly recognisable for creating fused glass art of all shapes and sizes, and our fused glass kitchen splashbacks are easily the most recognisable product that we create. Running a close second, however, is the end result of what happens [...]

Right for Rickmansworth

This piece is a fused glass wall art panel that was created for our showroom, but we think it looks a lot better in its new home – a lovely house in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire! It found a place on the wall, of course, which you can see pictured above. [...]

Four Panels for Hungerford

Take a look at this grand glass wall art! Much like the piece featured in the blog we posted recently, this glass was actually bought years before it was delivered to the home of the customer in Hungerford, Berkshire. The space wasn’t quite ready yet, after all, so we [...]

A Place Behind the Cooker

We here at The House of Ugly Fish are certainly experts when it comes to making handmade kitchen splashbacks for the home, helping to bring life into any space. If you think that the area behind your kitchen cooker looks a bit bare, or there’s a spot on the [...]