Perfectly Paired Up

Hello again from the team here at The House of Ugly Fish! We thought we’d feature these two panels for today’s blog, as they perfectly show off how a pair of bespoke fused glass art pieces can work together to create a theme in a kitchen. Just take one [...]

Fused Glass Art Finds a Home in Hale

Recently delivered to a house in Hale, this gorgeous fused glass art definitely found the right home. The first panel can be seen above, filling out the back wall of the kitchen with a unique twist on our classic Dalaman style. A background of stone silver is brought to [...]

An Image Says a Thousand Words

Fused glass art is a medium that allows for a tremendous range of designs, from abstract geometric patterns all the way to realistic landscapes. There are even glass designs that pop out in three dimensions and use different layers of glass, but we’ll soon be covering those in a [...]

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Wonderful Wall Art

Our bespoke fused glass kitchen splashbacks see a lot of exposure on our blog, they prove endlessly popular among customers both old and new, and you’ll find them in homes all across the country from the northernmost reaches of Scotland all the way down to Cornwall. There’s plenty more [...]

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Making Something Special for Melrose

Here’s one of our recent bespoke glass splashbacks that we absolutely couldn’t resist showing off. Freshly out of the kiln and now installed in place, it’s a fantastically beautiful and scenic kitchen splashback with a very unique design! It found a home in Melrose, Galashiels, where it very happily [...]

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A Perfect Pair of Pieces

Making full use of two gorgeous pieces of fused glass art, this kitchen in Millthorpe, Sheffield is an absolutely stunning sight. Just take a look at the photo above, and we’re sure that you’ll be able to tell exactly why that is.
The first piece is the centrepiece of [...]

Royally Designed

Here’s a very recent piece of fused glass art that we created and delivered to a lovely home in Bournemouth, Dorset. Or, because it’s made up of many panels that work together, perhaps it’d be more appropriate to call it an installation!

The eye-catching design of the glass is a [...]

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Perfectly Paired Up

Created for a client in West Hanningfield, Essex, this gorgeous fused glass installation is made up of a gorgeous central splashback and a subtle, but incredibly impactful complementary panel sat across from it. They work perfectly together to create a strong theme in the kitchen that you just can’t [...]

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Bringing the Tor Indoors

The client behind this piece of fused glass art in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, took inspiration from their location. They live near Glastonbury Tor, and as such wanted to have an interpretation of it brought to life through the medium of fused glass art. A photograph was provided, showcasing the [...]

Deciding on Dalaman Design

Here’s another kitchen that truly came alive with the addition of fused glass art! In this case, the client’s home was brought to life by the addition of two particularly fetching examples of our Dalaman glass splashbacks.
The blue background of the panels complement the warm creams found on [...]

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