One Colour, No Problem

This custom fused glass art splashback found a home in Salisbury, Wiltshire, where it went behind the sink in one of the bathrooms inside the customer’s house. The room was already splendid to look at, but it needed something to fill an overly bare space on the wall where [...]

A Scottish Scene

The customer behind this incredible fused glass art splashback in Kintore, Aberdeenshire, wanted to capture a specific landscape in the medium of fused glass. The scene as you see in the picture above was the view from their house, comprising tall mountains and wide, verdant fields complete with trees [...]

Headed for East Grinstead

Today’s blog features a beautiful piece of bespoke fused glass art from a home in East Grinstead, West Sussex. The design of the splashback is a twist on a classic Dalaman style, incorporating many unique personalisations and details to create something truly unique.
The background is particularly interesting in [...]

A New Dalaman for Chester

For today’s blog feature, we have this beautiful bespoke fused glass splashback from Malpas, Chester. We’ve done quite a few jobs there before, so it was a familiar location. The glass, however, was something we’ve never seen before. Since all of our work is created completely bespoke, by hand [...]

A Scene in a Splashback

Stepping into the spotlight for today, this stunning and very unique bespoke kitchen splashback was a recent creation for a home in Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire. It’s a piece that does things a little differently, putting a one-of-a-kind spin on the Tree of Life design that should be very familiar [...]

At Home in Huntingdon

Here’s one of our latest fused glass splashbacks, recently delivered to a home in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. The customer had seen a piece that Lisa had created previously and loved the general design. They wanted to make their own a little more bespoke, of course, so they brought some great [...]

A Field of Flowers

This incredible glass kitchen splashback was created for and delivered to an equally impressive home in Aberford, Leeds, where it now has a place behind the cooker. It perfectly showcases how our glass can bring images and landscapes into the home like a painting, only with a unique twist. [...]

Scene in a Splashback

Now here’s a unique piece for you to feast your eyes upon! This fused glass art splashback and its surrounding complementary pieces very recently found a home in a kitchen in Worcester, so naturally it had to find its way to our blog as well.
The central splashback is [...]

All Clumped Up

Created for a client of ours who loved the work of Patrick Cannon, this lovely piece aimed to recreate the Wittenham Clumps through the medium of fused glass art. Lisa was all too happy to replicate the design, calling on an extensive background of traditional painting experience to really [...]

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Flow Like Fused Glass Art

There’s no mistaking this piece for a simple coloured glass splashback! Take a look at how the colours mix together, and you should have a good idea about why we decided to feature this beautiful fused glass panel for today’s blog post! Created for a client of ours in [...]