Way Down in Weymouth

Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish. This stunningly scenic bespoke fused glass splashback is one of our favourite ever scenic pieces, so you just know we’re showing it off proudly on our blog to start the week in style.
This particular piece was so enjoyable to make [...]

Cholsey’s Choice

This particular piece of fused glass art came to be created for a customer who had seen something just like it on our website and wanted a version of it made to fit the space behind her own cooker. Thanks to our completely bespoke process, we were able to [...]

Lovers’ Island

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re reminded of a location that’s not too far from our new home. If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you might have heard this one before. If you aren’t – fear not, as we’re bringing you the legend of Lovers’ Island in [...]

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Showering in Style

This stunning piece of fused glass art was delivered and fitted to a home in Anslow, Staffordshire. As you should be able to tell from the image above, it was a wall panel that was specifically created to become a shower splashback. We’ve created and featured bespoke shower splashbacks [...]

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Wall Waves

Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish, and warm wishes from the windy shores of Anglesey! We’re featuring another recent project for the start of the week, as we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to feature what turned out to be a very pleasant arrangement of sculpted waves. [...]

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A Space for Alliums

Happy New Year from The House of Ugly Fish! We hope all of our readers are well, and we’re wishing everybody all the best as we head into 2021. To really kick things off in style, we thought it’d be a great idea to show off something beautiful and [...]

Going Green

For today’s blog, we’re continuing to show off pieces which were purchased from our sale, as we currently have our annual sale on! With that in mind, feast your eyes on this beautiful bespoke glass wall art that found a new home in Leeds.
The design is created on [...]

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Another Showroom Success

The design of this stunning glass wall art panel is a classic layered wave design, featuring a wide range of colours ranging from a soft peaceful green and deep blue down to a particularly bold orange at the bottom of the panel. Waving hand-cut pieces run from left to [...]

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The Beach and Bay

Every time the start of the exhibition season rolls around, and we once again find ourselves on the road at shows up and down the country, Lisa always creates a piece or two to feature on the stand. This year, one of the big glass wall art features is [...]

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Wall Waves

Here’s the latest fused glass wall art from The House of Ugly Fish, delivered to a lovely home in Felixstowe, Suffolk. It’s created from a warmer earth-coloured palette, combined with a healthy dose of contrast. Bold black lines and bright grey sections complete the look nicely, and the whole [...]

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