Dividing Doors

This gorgeous bespoke fused glass art was installed in a customer’s home in Kirkcaldy, Fife – a property you might have seen a few times on this blog! These newest additions, however, don’t fall under the category of fused glass wall art or home splashbacks. They’re door panels, as [...]

Fresh Glass for Fife

Here’s a project we recently completed, comprising a matching pair of impressively sized custom kitchen splashbacks and a set of equally bespoke panels which went into a set of double doors. Those deserve their own blog, however, so keep your eyes peeled for a separate feature on those! For [...]

Beauty in Balerno

This glass was commissioned for a home in Balerno, Edinburgh, which meant delivering it would take us all the way up to Scotland. Since it’s one of our absolute favourite places in the world, we had no complaints about that! We thought we’d share a few words about it [...]

Splashing Back to Scotland

Scotland is well known for having many beautiful sights, and a very scenic and peaceful countryside. It’s easily one of our favourite places to deliver glass splashbacks to, as every trip up ends up being an enjoyable experience. Whenever we go, we can’t resist taking at least a day [...]

Lighting a Fire in Aberfeldy

Snugly tucked away in the scenic hills of Aberfeldy, near Càrn Gorm, this client’s house maintains a neutral look that absolutely bursts with subtle but very effective style. There was a whole litter of different quirky items and decorations that really brightened up the place when we first had [...]

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A Very Dynamic Decoration

Here’s a recent work of ours that definitely deserves the spotlight. This very exciting fused glass art was created for a client of ours in Spey Bay, Scotland. As you may be able to tell, it’s not just a design that’s contained on a single panel, but rather a [...]

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A Delightful Dalaman

Have you been looking for glass splashbacks Scotland-wide and beyond? If so, this particular post in our blog is one that you should definitely make some time to read. At the very least, make sure you have a gander at this especially lovely looking splashback that rolled out of [...]

Something Great for Glasgow

This particular piece of fused glass art was created for a customer of ours in Bearsden, Glasgow. As you can see, it’s a triptych design that makes full use of the three separate panels in order to create a continuous look and a seamless effect which we think works [...]

Damp Donkeys in Aberfoyle

We never come back from a trip to Scotland without at least one picture to show for it. There’s just so much to see, after all! Based on that, you might be able to tell where the above image comes from. That’s right! While delivering some particularly lovely glass [...]

An Injection of Colour

Created for a customer of ours in Motherwell, Glasgow, this Scottish splashback is a unique, vibrant and indisputably colourful piece of fused glass art. It features a vivid palette of colours which shift with the shape of the wave design, giving the panel a stand-out look and a real [...]