Meant for Meols

Starting the week in style, this beautiful piece is the latest in a long line of home splashbacks from The House of Ugly Fish to find a home in the UK. In this particular case, the glass was delivered to a lovely house in Meols, in the Wirral. The [...]

Mirror Meets Glass

This latest panel comes from a home in Matlock, Derbyshire, a gorgeous locale that’s close to our own roots. It’s a striking piece of glass that interacts with light in  a stunning way and complements the warmer atmosphere of the kitchen with a little bit of a cooler tone. [...]

Throwback Tuesday

The Dalaman is one of our most consistently popular fused glass art designs, making regular appearances in our portfolio on pieces of all shapes and sizes. We’re always making new examples to show off, and each new piece is always changing and evolving the design as customers bring brand [...]

From the Past

Glass splashbacks have always been a big winner for us here at The House of Ugly Fish. Here’s a piece from way back in the past to prove what we mean. The design is a version of what would go on to become one of our most recognisable designs [...]

Learn to Splash Back

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we love what we do and what we’ve been able to achieve after fourteen years. Our glass has been able to bring life and inject colour into all kinds of spaces up and down the country, and plenty of times our glass [...]

A Tree in Fife

This latest example of our fused glass kitchen splashbacks found a home in a kitchen in Elie and Earlsferry, Fife. Keen readers of our blog and those familiar with our fused glass art may have already recognised the design of the splashback as a twist on our classic Tree [...]

Friday Fish

And so we reach the end of another week! Do you have that Friday feeling yet? If it’s a little early for that, we’ve got something that’ll raise your spirits a little bit and add a splash of colour into your day. It’s our latest completed project, of course, [...]

Under the Sea

This gorgeous bespoke fused glass splashback recently found a new home in Grappenhall, Cheshire. The customers were looking to have a bespoke fused glass splashback created to complement an existing piece of art in their home that depicted a crashing wave. Describing their ideas to Lisa, they outlined an [...]

Be Original!

We hear the question time and time again: what happens if I don’t like anything on the website? Well, it’s simple, you give us your ideas and we’ll create some fused glass art that isn’t on the website!
While we have many classic designs and customer favourites, such as [...]

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Start the Week Right

Mondays are a little grey for all of us, as we find ourselves having to say goodbye to the weekend and getting back to work. With that in mind, we’re starting the week with something colourful to provide a much-needed injection of life. Take a look at this stunning [...]