Built for Bolton

These fused glass wall art panels went to a home in Bolton, where they were arranged to make a three dimensional structured display. There were nine separate pieces in total, each with a matching design slightly different from one another.
Featuring a range of blue shades and a geometric, [...]

Crafted for Corwen

This gorgeous kitchen splashback was a piece of bespoke fused glass art which very recently went to a home in Corwen, Denbighshire. We thought we’d use today’s blog as an opportunity to show it off, as it’s a fantastic example of how our glass can be fully customised and [...]

A Splashback Spoken For

This gorgeous piece of glass was a bespoke fused glass art splashback which went to a home in Speke, Liverpool.
The design of the piece began with an abstract concept, designed around the space behind the cooker and the surrounding décor. A base colour of minty white created the [...]

Great Expectations

Delivered to a home in Great Ecclestone, Lancashire, today’s featured fused glass art is another one of our glass splashbacks – and it’s a good one! The design is a Tree of Life, of course, and any previous readers of our blog should be able to recognise it as [...]

Dalaman Monday

Kicking off the week once more is a piece from the vaults. Mondays can feel a bit grey for all of us, so we always like to colour them with a gorgeous piece of glass. In this case, today’s blog features one of our favourite home splashbacks from recent [...]

In Witney

If you’ve clicked on this blog looking for the very latest bespoke glass splashbacks, you’re in luck! This beautiful piece found a home in Witney, Oxfordshire just this month, and we’re very happy with the way it came out. Feast your eyes on the colours at work here!
The [...]

Something Custom for Chadderton

This beautiful fused glass art panel is the latest in a long line of glass splashbacks by The House of Ugly Fish, this time touching down nearby in Chadderton, Greater Manchester. The kitchen was beautifully decorated in a traditional style and was the centrepiece of a very arts and [...]

Our Newest Tree

Newly delivered to a home in Bambury, Oxfordshire, this lovely little number is the latest bespoke glass splashback to roll off our kiln and hit the road. It’s a beautiful piece of glass with a lot to see, so it’s the perfect panel to kick off the week.
You [...]

Dorset Delivery

Here’s another piece of fused glass art from the vaults, delivered about five years ago to a home in Sandbanks, Dorset. It was a design based on a fabric that the customers had in their home and wanted to match, although plenty of aspects of the splashback were influenced [...]

Talking Trees

If you’re talking about bespoke glass splashbacks, chances are you’ll have heard of the Tree of Life. It’s our most recognisable design, and it proves endlessly popular with customers both new and old. It only makes sense to make a blog post about it!
When it comes to a [...]