Blogging Beehives

This stunning piece of fused glass art is a kitchen splashback that went to a home in Crondall, Hampshire. It’s a panel that was safely delivered and fitted, and once we received the images of how amazing it looked in situ, we just knew it’d be the next piece [...]

Cardiff Dalaman

The latest piece to make it onto our blog is this rather fetching example of a fused glass art panel, becoming the newest addition to our catalogue of completed fused glass splashbacks. It found a home in Cardiff!
The focus for this piece was the colour. The palette was [...]

An Artisan Addition

We here at The House of Ugly Fish love fused glass art, and we’re proud to continue providing the very best products that the UK has to offer for over fourteen years now. Our glass has found a home in so many homes up and down the country, including [...]

…And A Very Familiar Beach

Although delivering pieces up and down the country can involve some pretty lengthy drives, with overnight stays in all sorts of places, it can lead to some spectacular sights as well.  We were recently down in Newquay, Cornwall, delivering one of the very latest glass splashbacks to have come [...]

A New Piece for Newquay…

Fancy another fish panel? The customer behind this lovely splashback in Newquay, Cornwall certainly did! All of our home splashbacks feature a bespoke design personalised for the client in question, and this one is no exception. It depicts a school of mackerel all swimming in unison, all carefully brought [...]

A Look at the Lakes

This latest work found a home in Exmouth, Devon – and in a gorgeous kitchen, no less! We love bespoke glass splashbacks that incorporate landscapes into the design, and we think you’ll agree with us when you see this particular piece.
The design was directly inspired by the customers’ [...]

‘Tis the Season

We love Christmas here at The House of Ugly Fish, so we’re very glad that it’s finally that time of year again. And needless to say, of course, with all the talk of gift giving, generosity and presents in the air, it should come as no surprise that our [...]

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Bringing Bespoke Back

Our work has helped to bring life into all kinds of spaces across the country, and plenty of times our glass kitchen splashbacks and wall art panels have even gone beyond its borders and abroad. No matter where you are, if you think that there’s a space behind your [...]

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Be Original!

We hear the question time and time again: what happens if I don’t like anything on the website? Well, it’s simple, you give us your ideas and we’ll create some fused glass art that isn’t on the website!
While we have many classic designs and customer favourites, such as [...]

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Bathroom Bound

If you’re familiar with our work, then you’re sure to have seen how our fused glass art can be used to create stunning panels in the home. Whether it’s behind the cooker as a splashback or mounted in the hallway as a glass wall art piece to welcome guests [...]

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